Quick money in a single click without endorsement and without travel

Luckily, today, there is the possibility of obtaining urgent financing without having to travel. Simply have a smartphone, PC or tablet with Internet connection to get liquidity in record time. It is not surprising, therefore, that the online companies that have opted to offer this opportunity have revolutionized the fast money market. These private lenders have moved to the market new ways to obtain cash, will it be in the future like this? Will there be any change? If you want to know how to get money with a single click, read on!

Which online loan providers propose this way of accessing express money without endorsement and without paperwork?

Going to any of the companies that propose their quick loans through Internet can be of great help in case of needing urgent money. The request is very simple and intuitive, likewise, requesting liquidity from the telephone is very convenient and the answer is obtained almost immediately once the request is sent. Not much documentation is required since most companies of this type make use of 100% online identification systems that allow verification of the data provided.

Here are some of the fast loan providers that can be found on the network:


  • Maximum amount : € 4,000
  • Method : Urgent bank transfer
  • Term : Several months. Information
  • Maximum amount : € 500 – First FREE credit !!
  • Advantages : No payroll and with Asnef
  • Rate from € 100 to 30 days: € 0
  • Deadline : 1 month Information »

logo ferratum

  • Maximum amount : € 700 – First credit FREE!
  • Method : Transfer in 10 minutes
  • Rate from € 100 to 30 days: € 0
  • Term : 45 days. Information “

logo moneyman

  • Maximum amount : € 1,200
  • Method : Urgent bank transfer
  • Rate € 100 to 30 days: € 33
  • Term : Up to 4 months. Information “

With any of these companies it is more than likely to get fast money in just 10 minutes . The short time it takes to carry out the request and the concession period allows it. On the other hand, as mentioned above, many of them use online verification and, for this reason, it makes it possible for the application to be validated in a matter of minutes.

What advantages do these financial articles allow in the short term?

Currently, achieving quick money with a single click is a fact. Additionally, online verification facilitates the acceleration of the process which allows fast money providers to analyze the economic situation of each claimant and decide more easily whether or not to grant the credit.

The software that has given greater speed to the online management without paperwork is:

  • Automatic verification systems : Identity can be validated through the use of these automatic methods. To do this, the personal online banking data must be provided. Still, there is nothing to worry about since it is a totally safe identification practice. At no time is the evaluated information stored. Instant or Pich are some of the most used.
  • Digital signature : Certain companies allow to approve the loan contract from any device with an Internet connection. In other words, the management is 100% online. The money is achieved at the click of a button without displacements! However, this method is not so common.

Being able to ask for financing is undoubtedly much easier with the use of new technologies. The identification takes place in a matter of minutes. This step is very important and accelerates the valuation process of the company. Thanks to this, the client can know almost immediately if the money will be supplied quickly or not.

Key aspects that will make us decide which immediate loans we should choose

prestamos rapidos Before venturing to ask for any type of loan, both the personal situation and the options available to us must be assessed. To get the decision right, it is advisable to analyze these three aspects. They will establish to which private lender we should appeal:

  • Amount : the sum that you want to achieve is a key factor that will determine to a large extent the final decision. If you do not need an amount that is too high, you can use an online mini-credit provider and even credit cards. Now, if the quantity of the one that is needed is higher than the totals provided by these companies, the immediate alternative is the best alternative.
  • Urgency : the speed of management with which each online society works is also very important. On the other hand, there are some entities that operate even during weekends. In this way, liquidity can be reached any day of the week at any time. They are available for 7 days, 24 hours a day (24/7).
  • Credit history and economic profile : both will determine what options will be available to proceed with the claim. And is that some financial approve applications even with Asnef , others on the contrary do not grant capital to any user who has been registered in a list of defaulters. So you should inform yourself before venturing to ask for money fast online.

As can be seen, there are many alternatives that we can count on. Best of all, they can be used without involving anyone. Even so, it is important to remember that fast loans should never be used as a regular financing method but on a timely basis. That is, cover emergencies, extra expenses, incidentals, etc. not included in family planning.